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I once won 4k nx from posting this picture on MapleStory’s facebook…

I once won 4k nx from posting this picture on MapleStory’s facebook…

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Because I was raised in a no BS zone, I have a hard time understanding things like sarcasm and jokes within daily conversation. That’s why I stay on the internet and avoid looking directly at people.


How do you like my “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” cape? 


How do you like my “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” cape? 


What are you doing? 

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it scares me that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you and everything that they say could be one massive lie

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How to Draw


1. You have no talent

2. Mr. Tentacles has all the talent

3. If you are lucky, some of Mr. Tentacles’ talent may rub off on you

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Bless this random battle girl on route 21

Everybody talking about buying next season’s games and I’m just over here pretending I am too. I still don’t own a gaming console. ;)


fun fact

  • yelling at someone when they’re crying? funnily enough, that’s probably not going to make them stop. neither is insulting them. especially if the insult has to do with the fact that they’re crying. those are the things that are probably going to make them want to cry more. and feel worse. wow! that’s fun


Kaneki Ken development.



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Utah’ll be disappointed


Utah’ll be disappointed

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that feel when people try to argue their class is better and they have no basis and instead of arguing a falt of another class’s mechanics they bring up the class’s role in the story


hero path still sucks………………

change to drk then we’ll talk

Because people are too lazy to play other classes than their own?

And who is arguing over the story when most players don’t even bother to read it? People who love fandoming over stories. People who don’t play for the game.

Plus leveling shit takes time, brah. Not even I’m up for it.

I don’t even own a single warrior explorer.

late response but nahhh this guy mules a lot

though the inital thing he said was pretty much bashing the fact that phantoms steal skills and then as soon as he knew he couldn’t win the argument that despite stealing skills phantoms are way up there on the dps chart and can churn out a decent chunk of damage, he swapped over to “where was phantom during the fight against the black mage?”

when explained,  he argued back that “it was the first he heard of it” for the sake of “winning an argument” and i was like ??? lmao.

also warrior explorers ngl they are boring i say as I have a pally…

Ah. He has what we call, an ego.

My faithful class, the xbow, is still lame even after RED update. *shrugs* I still carry that pride around like it means something.